Dear colleagues and friends:

Greetings! In behalf of FACES (Facial Aesthetic plastic Core of ENT Surgeons), and OMAC (Otolaryngologic Maxillofacial Aesthetic Center) of Department of Otorhinolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery of East Avenue Medical Center, I welcome you to a 5-day event which includes a 5-day, 15-hour lecture, Cine Clinics 6-9pm (GMT+8) and 1 day Live Surgery on Asian Rhinoplasty on June 6, 2021 at 9 -12nn (GMT+8).

This webinar course is focused on the basic knowledge and most common procedures done in Asian rhinoplasty. The Lectures are grouped into sessions with short concise topics for better comprehension. The Cine Clinics features concise videos of different surgeons on how they manage aesthetically Asian noses.

We are certain this course will bring out enthusiasm among participants in the exchange of ideas and techniques.

The course is aimed to teach surgeons in novice practice to be familiar in the critical areas of Rhinoplasty


Sincerely yours,

Eduardo Yap, MD

Founding President


(Facial Aesthetic plastic Core of ENT Surgeons)

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